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Aikyum Solar Specializes in Gas Station Solar Installations

Gas stations can save a lot of money with solar, because solar panels can be placed above the canopy of the station and on top of the store building. However, gas station solar installations can be quite tricky due to underground storage tanks and gas pipelines. The good news is that Aikyum Solar specializes in gas station solar installations. Our trained professionals have successfully installed solar systems to meet the energy needs of gas stations.

Aikyum Solar’s ARCO Gas Station solar installation in Moreno Valley, CA was challenging on many fronts. Most solar companies shied away from even bidding on this project because of the formidable technical challenges. We worked with the owner and our group of technicians to overcome these hurdles and provide a complete solar solution. We installed 120 SolarWorld 275W solar panels and 120 Enphase M250 microinverters, resulting in a $1,427 savings per month ($17,124/year)! The best part was that ARCO’s payback period was only 1.9 years, and their savings will last for at least 40 years!

The solar panel system is worth $112,860 but only cost Arco $44,002 after an Income Tax Rebate and a generous rebate from Moreno Valley Electric Utility.

Read more about the ARCO gas station installation and watch a video of the completed project here.