ARCO Gas Station, Moreno Valley, CA 120 SolarWorld 275W solar panels and 120 Enphase M250 microinverters. The ARCO Gas Station’s owners have slashed their electric bill from $5,105/month to $3,678/month. They saved $18,858 in taxes, and will have saved more money than they spent on the panels in 1.9 years. Each year, they now save $17,124. The success of the ARCO Gas Station’s solar panels shows Aikyum’s skill in installing solar power for businesses in addition to residences.

FCCO Church, Orange, CA 150 Canadian 270W solar panels and 150 Enphase M250 microinverters. The savings of the FCCO Church are perhaps most astounding of all. Before solar, they paid $1,135/month on electricity. After solar, they pay $24/month. That’s a 97.89% decrease! Now, the church can focus on worshiping and avoid worrying about electric bills. The church saved $27,000 on taxes, and its payback period is 6 years. In 25 years they will have saved a total of $333,000. Aikyum is happy to help your church receive similar savings!

Premier Machining, Irvine, CA 88 SolarWorld 340W Panels with Solaredge Power Optimizers. This business in Irvine is enjoying annual tax savings of $49,500! Before the installation of solar panels their usage was 44,000kWh/year, but now their usage has dropped dramatically to 0 kWh/year! They also enjoy a SCE Rebate of $5,500 per year!

ALCO Industries, Buena Park, CA 502 Canadian Solar 340W Mono Panels and 5 Solaredge 33kW 480V Inverters. This industrial building in Buena Park is enjoying annual savings of $49,800! Before the installation of solar panels they would be paying $5,500/month, but now they are merely paying $1,350/month! Their payback period is approximately 5 years.

MMC, La Palma, CA They installed 136 LG Electronics 280W with SolarEdge 33kW Inverter and Power-Optimizers. Before the installation of solar panels they were paying $950/month, but now they are only paying $30/month! In the next of 25 years, they will save approximately $276,000!

Hotel Miramar, San Clemente, CA 42 Canadian 270W Solar Panels with SolarEdge power-optimizers. The owners of Hotel Miramar in sunny San Clemente used to pay $1,200/month for electricity, but now they pay $150 a month. They saved $3,645 on taxes, and within five and half years, they’ll have saved more than they spent on the solar panels. In 25 years they’ll save $315,000, making the investment of solar well worth it.

Pioneer Cash & Carry, Artesia, CA 715 LG 280W solar panels and SMA Tripower invertersWhen Aikyum installed solar panels, it resulted in huge energy savings for this local business.

Church, Santa Ana, CA 126 Canadian 255W solar panels and 3 SMA 10000TL inverters. This church in Santa Ana, already located next to a majestic tree, further improved when its owners installed solar panels. The church’s electric bill dropped from $991/month to $527/month. On top of that, the church’s owners saved $19,002 in taxes. They will recoup the cost of the panels in 8 years, and in 25 years will have saved $139,200. Aikyum loves installing solar for churches. Why not give us a call, and we’ll install solar for your church too!

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