Issue a Proposal

To start we will create a free no-obligation proposal, and roof panel layout. To design an optimal system, we request you send us an electric bill with the past 12 months usage in kWh

Site Survey

A trained technician will arrive to your house, to assess your roof, electrical panel, and answer any questions regarding your solar installation process

Contract Signature

Contract must be signed to verify all costs terms, and warranties involved for the solar installation. (payment is not due yet)

Permits and HOA applications

We submit your city permit and apply for your HOA approval if needed. This can take up to 3-5 weeks to obtain depending on your city and HOA.


Our expert installers will arrive with all material ready to work and get your solar installed! You dont need to be home the whole day during installation however, it would be nice if our foreman can greet you and explain the installation process. Half of total payment is due at this time.


One of our technicians will show a city inspector through your finished solar installation to ensure quality, and safety standards.

Permission to Operate (PTO)

Congratulations! We are now at the final step. Aikyum will fill out PTO paperwork for you which ensures that all your extra solar production will be sold to your utility company. Once PTO is issued, the second half of payment is due.

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