How Long Does Solar Installation Take?

Residential Solar Installation Time-to-Completion

You may have considered having solar panels installed on your house, having heard that they help you save money on electric bills. During your consideration, you might have wondered how much time would elapse during the entire process of getting your panels installed, from our first contact to your circuits going live. Aikyum Solar is much faster as compared to other companies; it takes about 4-6 weeks to install solar for your house if you have a Homeowner’s Association (HOA). If you don’t have a HOA, it will be even faster and will take 3-4 weeks.

The image above shows the process-flow diagram of installing solar. First you’ll sign a contract. After, Aikyum Solar’s engineers will design the permit plans and the structural calculations (these decide if solar panels are too heavy for your roof or not).

The permit plans will be sent to your HOA once they’re ready. Simultaneously, they’ll be submitted to the city office to receive a permit. This stage takes about 2-3 weeks as you receive approval from the HOA and a permit from your city.

After those two objectives are met, Aikyum Solar schedules an installation date about 1-2 weeks in the future.

Installation itself is extremely fast. It only takes one day if you have less than 20 solar panels! If you have more, it will take only a few days longer.

We set up the monitoring of how much power has been produced daily once the installation is finished. Also, Aikyum Solar prepares for the inspection by your city. The city inspector comes the next day and will sign off the installation as meeting the correct codes and standards. The job card, after it is signed by the inspector, will be sent by Aikyum Solar to your utility company to receive Permission to Operate (PTO). Southern California Edison (SEC) usually approves within a day, but other utilities such as SDG&E, LADWP can take up to a week.

To learn more about solar panels for your residence, contact Aikyum Solar at [email protected].