Solar Panels for an Indian Grocery Store

The Technology of the Future, Right Here in Southern California.

Aikyum Solar installed solar panels on the roof of Pioneer Cash and Carry, a supermarket known for its Indian groceries, about a year ago. The supermarket owners have appreciated all of their savings on electricity since then.

Because of its location in the city of Artesia in Los Angeles, the supermarket soaks up sun for 287 days per year on average. Before solar panels covered the supermarket’s roof, the energy from the pounding sun went to waste. Now, though, due to the 715 LG 280W solar panels and SMA Tripower inverters, that energy gets put to use.

The panels first collect the solar energy, and then output a percentage of that solar energy in the form of direct electric current (DC). The inverters convert the DC electric flow into alternating current (AC) in order to power the supermarket. The excess energy flows into the grid.

A Revolutionized Business.

Because of Aikyum, Pioneer Cash and Carry slashed its electric bills. Its owners make a higher profit, and customers know they’re shopping at an environmentally-friendly business when they buy their South Asian groceries. Your business could be next. Want to install solar panels, wipe out your electricity bills and see the power of solar for yourself? Just call 1-888-9898-SUN.