How to Fill Out Your SCE Net Surplus Compensation (NSC) Form

How to Fill Out Your SCE Net Surplus Compensation (NSC) Form

The Net Surplus Compensation (NSC) program allows you to receive compensation for the excess energy that your solar panel system generates.

You will receive two forms from Southern California Edison.  In order to receive NSC compensation, you must fill out Southern California Edison’s form 14-906. (Please note: REC Form 14-935 is applicable ONLY to large scale solar farms and does not apply to residential and small commercial projects under 1 MW DC.)

You have ninety days from the date you received the letter to complete Form 14-906 and mail it back.

On the Form 14-906, as shown above, you must check the first and third boxes if you want to participate in the NSC program.

Then, you must choose your preferred method of receiving compensation. (Check Box 5 to “receive a check” and Box 6 to “roll over any credit to my next relevant billing period”).  If you choose to receive a check, you will be paid according to the current compensation rate.  However, if you choose to roll your credit to the next period, you will be paid according to the compensation rate at that time.  Historically, compensation rates have been decreasing over time and so we recommend that you opt to receive the check now.  Click here to view the Net Surplus Compensation Rates from SCE.

After completing the first page of the form, you must sign and date the second page of the form. Finally, please mail the form to the address listed on Page 2.

If you change your mind about the method of compensation or you wish to cancel after submitting the form, you can re-submit the form once every 12 months.