SolarEdge Inverter Protective Canopy

Protect Your SolarEdge Inverters from the Sun and Rain By Using a Cover

We usually install SolarEdge inverters in the garage of a residence, but sometimes we are not able to because the garage is full or isn’t next to the Main Service Panel. In this case, Aikyum Solar recommends installing the inverts outdoors on the outside wall of your home. However, their location outdoors exposes them to the elements. That’s why Aikyum Solar is now offering covers to protect your inverters.

What is the relationship between the weather and solar panels?

Exposure to constant sunlight for 25 years and more can possibly damage the inverters, and so can rain. Although inverters can withstand temperatures up to 140°, their efficiency may be impacted if left exposed to sunlight for several years. The ideal position for an outdoor inverter is located on the north or east walls. Inverters on those walls will receive minimal impact from sunlight. If the north or east walls are not available and the inverter has to be installed on the south or west walls, then we recommend installing a cover over them.

What does the cover look like?

The picture below shows an inverter outside before our covering is installed.

The next picture shows the inverter after the cover has been installed.

We will install the inverter cover for free if you’re already installing solar with us, and if not we will install them for $250. That price includes the cost of materials and labor.

Contact us to learn more about our solar system installations, to ask to purchase the coverings, or to request a complimentary quote to fit your needs. We can be reached at [email protected] or at 888-9898-SUN.