Batteries and the Cannabis Industry

Aikyum Solar Can Help the Marijuana Growing Industry Reduce Electric Costs with Storage Batteries

Aikyum Solar can help the cannabis growing industry reduce electric costs with storage batteries; we install battery storage systems for homes and businesses. Lately, the cannabis industry has benefited from our solar battery storage system installations.

Those batteries, called LG Chem and of the type known as lithium ion, reduce electric costs. A 9.8 kWh LG Chem battery costs only about $9,800 and includes installation.  In 2018, there are Self-Generation Incentive Program rebates available for $2,900 per battery. In addition, the battery storage systems qualify to receive 30% Income Tax Credits. So, the net system cost for each battery storage system is approximately $4,800.

The batteries can be programmed to efficiently utilize the Time-Of-Use (TOU) billing rates provided by most utility companies. Batteries can store cheap electricity received during super-off peak hours so it can be used during peak hours when the rates are very high. Also, the batteries make sure marijuana plants still receive light during a power outage.

Marijuana plants react differently to different temperatures; that’s why it’s important that lights in their greenhouses or other growing areas stay on. If the lights go off and plants are in a vegetative, or growing, state, they could switch to flowering state and the crop could end up too small.

Batteries can help marijuana growers no matter what causes temperature changes, be it when the grid stops giving power or extreme weather.

An energy consumption expert created, as an example, a 50-light operation. With two batteries, it would save $8,000 in demand charges and $5,500 in usage charges, adding to a total of $13,500. The pay period would be about eight months.

Like regular homes, marijuana growers can benefit from batteries’ ability to save money during peak hours and continue operations during a power outage. Aikyum Solar can provide the solution you require: call 888-9898-SUN and request a complimentary quote.

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