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Why Go Solar in Hollywood?

Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 2188 in 2014 (AB 2188), following up the Solar Rights Act of 1978. The bill encourages Californian residences to save energy from non-renewable sources using solar panels. Aikyum Solar can help you do so through the installation of solar panels, charge storage units, and electric vehicle outlets.

Aikyum Solar Provides Solar Panels to Hollywood

Start working with Aikyum Solar and we’ll walk you through the process of having solar panels installed, starting by providing you a complimentary cost and layout estimate and ending with answering any questions you might have post-installation. Hollywood is one of the cities Aikyum Solar serves; we’d be happy to help you with your solar panel journey. Contact us at [email protected] and request a FREE quote today – don’t miss this opportunity to install solar panels in Hollywood.