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Why Choose Solar Power in Santa Ana?

Santa Ana is a city that covers twenty-seven square miles with a population of around 325,000. It is located just twelve miles inland from the deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and just 33 miles south of the metro-giant Los Angeles. Now referred to as “The Golden City,” Santa Ana has come a long way since its founding in 1869. Furthermore, it is located right in the center of Orange County and is the fourth densest city in the nation. It is home to a number of major corporations as well as countless small businesses. The large population and demand for new and innovative products and stores makes this a great location to run a business.

However, even with all the perks of being a business owner in Santa Ana, there are many who are still searching for ways to minimize their utility costs. One option is to install solar panels. With more than 300 days of sunshine each year, Santa Ana business owners and residents can take advantage of the ability to utilize this clean, less expensive source of power. In fact, solar panels can result in as much as a 50% savings on utility costs. With the cost of everything increasing, this is an extremely appealing option.

Santa Ana is also home to a robust housing industry with real estate in the area constantly climbing. Adding solar panels to homes and businesses increases their value even more. For these reasons, investing in solar powered energy is becoming more and more popular everyday.

Aikyum Solar Provides Santa Ana Solar Panels

Aikyum Solar will help you design, finance, apply for, install, maintain and monitor your complete solar system in the city of Santa Ana. The Best Part: Aikyum Solar is offering $0 down and extremely low rate financing for all new solar systems. Aikyum Solar has been servicing residential and commercial clients in Irvine for many years, and is the most trusted name in solar.

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