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Why Go Solar in Cerritos?

Cerritos is one of the Southern Californian cities with the most focus on solar power, due to its solar-heated City Hall, Magnolia Power Plant designed to create clean energy, and Corporate Yard with half the building’s energy powered by panels on the roof. All these actions to save the Earth are part of Cerritos’s Green Efforts. They’re designed to make Cerritos a more advanced city than ever. And by purchasing solar panels for your own home, you can contribute to Cerritos’s progress toward sustainability. Also, you can receive the 30% ITC this year installing solar panels in Cerritos!

A City Hall Like Never Before

The construction date of the solar-powered City Hall building is astounding. Cerritos dedicated it in 1978, a time before the film An Inconvenient Truth showed the realities of global warming to the nation. Certainly, Cerritos was at the cutting edge. The image to the right shows Cerritos’s City Hall, with solar panels visible on the roof in the top-right – Cerritos is proud their City Hall holds the title of one powered by solar to ever be built – and as their more recent efforts demonstrate, Cerritos is still at the cutting edge today. Join your city’s government in upgrading our buildings to make them more sustainable.

Aikyum Solar Provides Cerritos Solar Panels

Aikyum is happy to let you know more about our solar installations; we’ll inform you what the process will be like from start to finish. For more information, email [email protected], or contact Aikyum Solar today for a FREE Quote and don’t miss this golden opportunity to continue installing solar panels in the city of Cerritos.