Aikyum Solar Saves Marriages

Install Solar and Watch Your Relationship Thrive as Never Before

Soothing disputes between couples, Aikyum Solar lets marriages remain strong. With such low electricity bills, your money arguments will disappear. The story of James B. and his wife is a case in point. He left a review on Yelp on December 7, 2016 detailing the impact of solar power on his marriage.

High energy costs led him and his wife to argue.

“Before we had solar, I would refuse to turn on the air conditioning due to the costs,” James said. “My wife was complaining every summer night that she was unable to sleep due to the heat.”

A solution to her complaints about tiredness, though, appeared when the couple installed a solar system from Aikyum three years ago. The solar panels lowered the cost of turning on the air conditioning in their Laguna Hills home.

“Now that we have an Aikyum solar system installed, she can turn on the AC every night and all day long if she wants,” James said. “She can even turn it down—you could say that Aikyum saved my marriage. She is happy and so am I.” 

Now that the comfortable room with its cool temperature allows her to receive an adequate amount of sleep, she can receive benefits that include lowered blood pressure and an improved memory.

Currently when she turns on the air conditioner, it’s completely affordable, so she and her husband don’t argue. Aikyum Solar allowed their marriage to become peaceful. James ended his review with the words: “Thanks Aikyum.” Our pleasure, James.

With solar panels, you and your spouse can receive the same benefits as James and his wife. Here’s to years of marital bliss, powered by Aikyum.