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Why Choose Solar in Newport Beach?

Now is a great time to install solar panels on your Newport Beach residence, especially because of the recent amendment to the California Solar Rights Act. The amendment, called Assembly Bill (AB) 2188, says each Californian city must adopt a more efficient process to get permits for solar systems on small residential rooftops. The amendment is meant to make installing solar cheaper and faster. Being the upstanding citizens they are, the Newport Beach City Council followed the law and changed the Newport Beach Municipal Code by adding Ordinance No. 2015-23. The Ordinance is available to read here.

Aikyum Solar Provides Solar Panels to Newport Beach

We hope you support the city of Newport Beach’s mission to promote solar power by purchasing a high-quality solar system from Aikyum. Contact Aikyum Solar today at 1-(888)-9898-SUN (768) and request a free quote.