Core Delivery Principles in Solar Installations | Aikyum Solar

Three Core Solar System Delivery Principles

Aikyum’s claim to fame is based on three core delivery principles that our customers love:


1. The client’s wishes are prioritized: We are not married to any particular solar panel vendor or manufacturer. We have no special kickbacks or deals with any solar panel vendor that we push on our clients. Instead, we provide each client with an array of options which include multiple panel manufacturers (e.g. Hyundai, LG, Panasonic). If the client wants us to decide on a vendor or manufacturer we are happy to assist, but they reserve the ability to understand the pros and cons of each option and to make an independent, informed decision for themselves.

2. All of Aikyum’s teams are very efficient and optimally scheduled; this provides an advantage. We typically finish a project no more than two or three weeks from the time the permits are received, and typically no more than six weeks from the time the contracts are signed. Katherine Mak, an Aikyum Solar residential customer from Irvine, told us, “I’m impressed at how fast we went from contract to install – just one month.” This is faster than most of our competitors, who end up taking four to six months. Your savings start right away.

3. Our installation teams are specialized; division of labor and well-timed parallelization of processes allows us to complete a typical residential installation within two days, whereas most of our competitors may take a week or more.

These principles, respect for the client, eclecticism, efficiency, specialization and optimization, result in quick startup times and quick install times, making Aikyum a unique, plug-and-play company to work with towards your own solar panel installation.