Solar Power Stories

A Humble Home Received Electric Satisfaction:

V.L. Residence in Orange, CA

 The residence now features 32 LG 300W solar panels and 32 Enphase S280 microinverters.

V.L. Residence from Harina Kapoor on Vimeo.

Sustainability and savings with the best solar panels.


Meet the residence of Vraj L.  in the city of Orange, California. Vraj’s family loved their home—besides that they were spending $390/month on electric bills, at least. They searched for a way to continue living in it and lower those bills at the same time.


The V.L. Residence discovered Aikyum Solar online on Yelp and Google as a best value solar installer. After their due diligence and a competitive proposal, the V.L. Residence chose Aikyum Solar and asked us to install custom solar panels for them. For more information on Aikyum’s installation process, visit this page.


Vraj L. now pays $60/month on average for electricity due to his residence’s new solar panels from Aikyum Solar. The V.L. Residence saved $10,185 in taxes, and their payback period is 5.2 years. The amount they saved by adding solar panels will accumulate to about $99,000 in 25 years.


The team at Aikyum Solar is highly professional. They completed the jobs (installed solar panels at 3 different locations) in a timely fashion with the greatest satisfaction. They were thoroughly involved from conception to completion which included submission and approval of city permit, assisting in getting HOA approval, coordinating with SCE and working with a building inspector for final approval. They are providing us an ongoing monthly performance reports for each of our systems. I will highly recommend Aikyum for installing solar panels and would gladly give 5+ stars.

– Vraj L.,
Residence Owner

Vraj L. Residence with solar panels from Aikyum Solar

About the Company

Incorporated in 2010, Aikyum Inc. is a woman-owned solar installation business located in Irvine, California. Aikyum is focused on providing turnkey solar power generation solutions for residential, industrial, commercial buildings and churches in Southern California. With over 25 years of industrial experience, Aikyum Solar is a one-stop-shop solar solutions provider. Aikyum manages the entire installation process from design, financing solar, pulling permits, working with various associations, to installation, city inspections and maintenance services. We have an outstanding reputation for integrity, and we aim at 100% customer satisfaction. Our mission is to provide reliable and complete solar solutions.

Team Aikyum includes electrical engineers, civil engineers, system designers, roofers, technicians and highly skilled professionals, all sharing the passion for utilizing renewable energy. We represent leading solar manufacturers around the world such as Solar World, LG, Canadian Solar, SMA, Fronius, Power-One; and have established long-term relationships. Our strong vendor relationships and high volume transactions assist in purchasing solar panels and other solar equipment at the lowest prices possible.

Call Aikyum Solar at 888-9898-SUN to get complimentary professional advice for your solar installation project.