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LED for Residences

Optimal energy. Now offered by Aikyum. LED lighting conserves energy because it requires less power to brighten your home than the incandescent variety does (incandescent lights are also called traditional lights). As part of our effort to provide clean energy to Southern California… Read More


LED for Businesses

LED for Businesses Lower Your Business’s Electric Bills. Energy-efficient bulbs. Friendly employees. And an electric bill that’s drastically lower. Full of benefits, LED lights from Aikyum make the perfect investment for a sustainable business. A key way for businesses to save money is… Read More


Why the sudden drop in solar pricing!

Why the sudden drop in solar pricing! The reason behind the sudden drop in solar pricing is owing to an excess supply of solar panels in the marketplace. The government originally planned to end the 30% income tax credit, aka the Solar Investment… Read More


Understanding Payback Periods

Understanding Payback Periods With the cost of solar panels decreasing at a rapid rate, there is no better time than now to go solar and save thousands of dollars on energy bills. But a big reason that some people choose not to go… Read More


Solar Is More Popular Than Ever—and Cheaper Than Ever

Solar Is More Popular Than Ever—and Cheaper Than Ever Before the new millennium, solar power was mainly for industrial use only. In fact, installing a solar power system for your home was practically unheard of just a few years back. Back in the… Read More

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