9 Reasons to Get Solar Panels for Your Home

Best Value Solar Panels in Orange County & Los Angeles by Aikyum

Are you paying too much for electricity every month in Orange County and Los Angeles? Do you need an affordable energy alternative which can cut your electricity bill by 90% or even more? The more electricity you use, the more solar energy powered by solar roof can help you. It’s time you consider installing solar panels on your roof!

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9 Reasons to get Solar Panels Installation for your Home

1. Utility prices are increasing rapidly each year in Orange County and Los Angeles. Who enjoys paying higher electricity bill every month? Say Hello to Freedom from electricity bills!

2. Solar equipment prices are falling each year. This means the cost of installing solar panels on your roof is dropping. Now is the time to get you ready with solar in Orange County and Los Angeles cities.

3. Solar energy is renewable, and we are blessed with abundant sunlight in Orange County, California. As a matter of fact, as global warming continues we are seeing even more warm, sunny days.

4. California Solar Initiative offers rebate programs for the state and the city. In addition, you receive 30% Income Tax Credit and MACRS depreciation from the Federal and State Government. For example, many Orange County and Los Angeles cities including Anaheim, Irvine, Laguna Niguel, Riverside and Moreno Valley offer additional solar incentives.

5. Your bills are net-metered, whereby, you receive retail credit for the energy your system generates. In short, the utility company pays you what they charge you! In the case where you using less energy than what the solar system generates, you end up getting credit from the utility company.

6. The commercial solar system installation process is seamless. Aikyum Solar, an Irvine business, will provide free consultation, design an optimal system, install and maintain the system. You don’t have to worry about a single thing!

7. The best part: You actually own the solar power system! Isn’t that amazing? The system will keep generating power for 25 plus years.

8. Solar panels come with a 25-year manufacturer warranty, and they may last even longer: 35-40 years. So you need not worry about the panels.

9. Utilities are subject to inflation, and dependency on fossil fuels for energy generation. There is no guarantee how much the Utility companies will raise their rates. Your solar power system is inflation proof! Once you purchase the system, you are done!

It is easy to empower your life with clean, green solar power from Aikyum Solar. Call Aikyum Solar at 888-9898-SUN. Aikyum Solar is a professional solar panels company providing custom design, innovative financing, installation and monitoring for homes, businesses and non-profits.

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