Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a typical residential installation process take?

Aikyum Solar projects are typically completed in just 6 weeks!

Should I lease or purchase a system?

Statistics have shown that it is more economical to purchase a system rather than lease one.  If you lease, you will be required to make payments for at least 15 years, whereas if you purchase a system your payback period will be limited to just a few years.  Also, when you purchase a system, you will receive a tax refund which may total $20,000.

Will Aikyum apply for HOA approval and permits, or do  I have to do that myself?

We take care of it all! Even in affluent neighborhoods and with stubborn associations, we achieve success. In fact, we have a 100% success rate in getting HOA approvals.

What financing options do I have to pay for my solar system?

If you have trouble financing your solar system, we’ll offer advice on applying for a good loan. Aikyum doesn’t offer leases, though – the only party that wins in leasing is the solar company! Owning your system means YOU get the tax credit. And, the increase in your home value benefits YOU!

Does Aikyum offer monitoring for my system after installation?

Absolutely! Aikyum Solar offers daily monitoring of your system post-installation. If anything goes wrong, we’ll take care of it for you.

What is TOU (Time of Use) Rate Schedule?

Southern California Edison Time of Use Rate Schedule Explanation
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