Aikyum Solar specializes in commercial and residential solar system solutions. Operating since 2010, we have installed innovative solar panel systems at homes, churches, commercial buildings and gas stations over Orange County and Southern California. We manage the entire installation process from design, financing solar, pulling permits, working with the Home Owners’ Associations, to installation, city inspections and maintenance services.


LED bulbs use less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, which is why Aikyum offers you assistance in transitioning to LED lighting in your home and commercial space. Along with simply replacing your old bulbs with new bulbs, we can retrofit your home or business to have reliable LED housings and trimmings. Changing to LED bulbs may decrease your electric bill by as much as 50%, and the small up-front cost will quickly pay itself off.


BillsRGone is a peak demand energy management solution, using smart thermostats and custom software to reduce your peak electricity demand while maintaining a comfortable environment. Spikes in electricity usage can inflict high demand charges on your electric bill even if your total energy usage is low. Aikyum Energy can analyze your electric bill and install new smart thermostats, which allow our BillsRGone software to manage your peak demand.

Residential Solar

Aikyum has installed solar in homes across Southern California. Our customers save up to $[???] a year on their electricity bills – a great deal. The Aikyum team is experienced and professional, and we provide you a first-class customer experience. Don’t just take our word for it – here are testimonials from satisfied customers across Los Angeles and Orange County.

We help residential customers with:

  • Designing the best solar system layout and solar panel/inverters for your home
  • Working with your city, and possibly HOA, to get all the permits you need
  • Installing solar panels and inverters
  • Monitoring your solar system after installation and helping with any post-install issues.

Now is a great time to get solar. Not only do you reduce electric bills, but you also receive a 30% federal income tax credit!

Commercial Solar

The larger the building, the higher the electric bills. Get solar and not only save money, but also brand your business or organization as eco-friendly.

solar panels on ARCO gas station by Aikyum

Customer Story – ARCO Gas Station

Solar Panels on FCCO Church roof in Orange, CA. Installed by Aikyum Solar

Customer Story – Church of the Foothills

Aikyum also helps customers offset huge demand charges for commercial buildings. With a combination of solar and our innovative BillsRGone software, your extra demand charges will go away.


Sunny News

Some highlights of our Sunny News blog:

At, we help you do the research you need on solar before you make your purchase. Explore our blog posts and learn more about energy savings.