Step 1: Free Solar Site Visit and Consultation
We will conduct a free site visit to your commercial building to assess available space for solar and analyze your energy usage. We will use this information to create a customized solar proposal.

Step 2: Proposal and Financing
We will propose a commercial solar power system based on energy usage and available space to maximize the value of solar. In the proposal, we will determine the cost of the system, kilowatt (kWH) energy generation, how the system will be paid for, and the return on investment (system payback period).

Step 3: System Design and Permitssolar1
As a turn-key solar service provider, Aikyum Solar takes care of everything for you. All system designs comply with the National Electric Code and abide by local rules and regulations. Upon review, modification, and approval of your system design, all construction permits will be obtained, solar panels and other solar equipment will be ordered, and one of our Energy Project Managers will be assigned to your project.

Step 4: Cosolar2mmercial System Installation
Upon arrival of the solar energy panels and parts, our professional crew will begin installing your photovoltaic solar system. Our crews arrive each day and work in a respectful and courteous manner. They will leave the site clean each evening. A typical commercial solar system installation will take 5-20 business days depending on size and complexity. Solar power systems are typically roof mounted. The solar power panels are mounted on a racking system which is attached to the roof.

Step 5: System Maintenance and Warranty
solar3Upon completion of your solar power system, you will receive a “Warranty Package” that consists of system drawings, warranty information, self-maintenance instructions, product specifications, and instructions on how to inspect your solar system for optimal energy generation. You’re never alone. Aikyum Solar will be available 24/7 to support your system’s ongoing operation, address post installation concerns, and help analyze your system’s performance throughout the warranty period.

Want to wipeout your electricity bills? Call Aikyum Solar at 888-9898-SUN. Aikyum Solar is a professional solar panels company providing custom design, financing, installation and monitoring for homes, businesses and non-profits.

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