Are you a commercial business?

1. Utility prices are increasing rapidly each year
2. Solar equipment prices are falling.
3. Solar energy is renewable, and we are blessed with
abundant sunlight in Southern California.
4. California Solar Initiative offers rebate programs. In
addition, you receive 30% Income Tax Credit from the
Federal and State Government.
5. Additional incentives for commercial include accelerated MACRs depreciation.
Depending on your company’s tax bracket, you may receive as much as 25% tax credit due to MACRs.
6. Your bills are net-metered, and you receive retail credit for the energy your system generates. In short, the utility company pays you what they charge you!
7. For limited time only, you may qualify for Option R, whereby the demand charges are reduced by 30%.
8. The commercial solar power system installation process is seamless. Aikyum Solar will provide free consultation and site inspection; design an optimal system; install; monitor and maintain the
9. You own the solar energy system, it is going to keep generating for you.
10. Utilities are subject to inflation, and dependency on fossil fuels for energy generation. There is no guarantee how much the Utility companies will raise their rates. Your system is inflation proof!

Want to wipeout your electricity bills? Call Aikyum Solar at 888-9898-SUN. Aikyum Solar is a professional solar panels company providing custom design, financing, installation and monitoring for homes, businesses and non-profits.

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