Solar Battery Storage: The Solution to Energy Independence

Because of the increasing number of blackouts and the raising cost of electricity, purchasing batteries is an ideal solution to not only store excess solar energy, but also to save money during expensive TOU On-Peak hours. There are different brands of batteries; at Aikyum Solar, we use LG Chem, which is a brand of high quality lithium ion batteries. These are same kind of batteries that power electric cars; thus, they work efficiently and have an extended life span.
Installing solar systems equipped battery storage offer many benefits to homeowners such as:

  • backup power during blackouts
  • maximize self-consumption through TOU and battery storage
  • self sufficiency and energy independence

Installing solar systems equipped with home solar batteries can be done in a single day, and if you have already installed a solar system and are looking to purchase LG Chem batteries, the installation process is quick and simple. The ideal location to store solar batteries would be in the garage. There are various types of LG Chem batteries, each varying in size and in storage capacity:

Battery Type (48V) Total Energy (kWh) Usable Energy (kWh) Capacity (Ah) Dimensions W x H x D (ft) Weight (lb)
RESU 3.3 3.3 2.9 63 1.4’ x 1.3’ x .4’ 68 lb
RESU 6.5 6.5 5.9 126 1.4’ x 2.1’ x .4’ 115 lb
RESU 10 9.8 8.8 189 1.4’ x 1.5’ x .7’ 165 lb

At Aikyum Solar, we guarantee our customers the lowest prices. As you can see here, we help our customers reduce the costs of installing solar and batteries. In the end, customers save more than half of the initial cost when installing solar batteries. All LG batteries include a 10-year warranty, meaning that they are eligible for replacement if they lose over 40% of their storage capacity in 10 years. Here is an example:

Pricing Explanation
$9,800 1 LG Chem Lithium Battery
-$2,900 SGIP Rebate
-$2,070 30% ITC
=$4,830 Net Cost

Grid Power Outages

Southern California experiences and will experience many power outages. But, you can ensure your residence stays lit by using battery storage. As solar panels produce energy during the day, excess electricity will be stored in the batteries. Once charged, the batteries will store needed energy in case of power outages and can also power the home at night. As a result, you will always be using free solar energy to power your home instead of the expensive grid electricity. During power outages, the solar system will continue to work as long as the sun is shining. This means that the solar panels will continue to power the house regardless of the grid; and during the night, LG Chem batteries will ensure that your home continues to be properly illuminated.
Each LG Chem Battery can power up to 4 circuits, which can include for example:

  • Refrigerator
  • Garage Door
  • Lights
  • Entertainment System
  • Security and Alarm Systems
  • Air Conditioning

Power Outages

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, anyone can check to see current Southern California power outages. As you can see, surprisingly, there were over 40 power outages that day! As power outages grow increasingly more frequent, a solution is needed to power homes. LG Chem battery storage, combined with solar systems, are the best solution to power homes during power outages and to eliminate electrical bills.Power Outages

For example, after a major record setting heat wave, thousands of homeowners and businesses endured scorching heat without power. After a lovely June gloom, the sun decided to show its face once more in July, causing a huge demand for electricity. Unfortunately, this high demand caused countless power outages throughout all of Southern California. Because of that, over 34,500 local Californians were left without electricity, longing air conditioning or fans to cool off from the record temperatures reaching well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. For some, the power outage lasted anywhere from a couple of hours, but for others, it lasted up to four days. On the fourth day, at least 12,300 people unbelievably were still left powerless. But it could have been worse; according to CNN, more than 15 million people were under excessive heat warnings throughout Southern California and Nevada. Imagine if all those people lost their power too.

HeroBecause of climate change, the reoccurrence of severe weather is dramatically increasing. Interestingly, since 2003, weather-related power outages have doubled; in addition, non-weather related outages have also increased over the past fifteen years, but weather caused 80% of all blackouts between 2003-2012. On average, power outages affect 15 million Americans each year. Having a backup plan when the grid fails to provide necessary electricity provides comfortable peace at mind and security.

Luckily, reliable solar systems and battery storage allows one to be independent and most importantly, self-sufficient.


California: The Blackout State

With 470 power outages yearly, California easily leads the country with the highest amount of blackouts each year, according to Forbes. Interestingly, Texas holds second place with only 160 blackouts. That is a huge margin! Furthermore, Texas produces 125% more electricity than California, mainly because California’s neighbors produce a third of the Golden State’s electricity supply. About 65% of that supply coming from the Southwest and 35% coming from the Northwest, as stated by Forbes. Not only does the California have the most expensive electricity west of the Mississippi River, but also has the most unreliable grid. As a result, solar systems and battery storage are a perfect solution to become self-sufficient.

Batter Pic

Time-of-Use (TOU)

TOU-D-A Summer Rates 2018
Solar panel owners that possess batteries can also save money based on the Southern California Edison Time-of-Use (TOU). By saving excess solar energy during off peak hours, residents can use battery storage to power their homes during expensive on peak hours. This is an ideal strategy when the solar panels produce more than enough energy than is needed to power the home during off peak hours and when the solar system does not produce enough energy to meet the needs of the home owner during on peak hours.

For further questions or information about TOU, watch this video.
As part of using batteries, you should check your energy usage. Aikyum Solar details how to do so here.