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Lawn Lights: Are They Worth It?

Are Lawn Lights Worth It? Solar powered-lawn lights have become popular recently. They involve lighting along pathways or hanging from poles in front and backyards, powered by solar panels. However, according to Aikyum Solar, those lights have trouble making sense. Are they worth… Read More


2018 Cost of a Tesla Solar Roof vs. Solar Panels

2018 Cost of a Tesla Solar Roof vs. Solar Panels You may be wondering what the cost of a Tesla solar roof is compared to solar panels in 2018. The prices of a Tesla solar roof is currently about twice the price of… Read More


Solar Panels are Non-Reflective

Solar Panels are Non-Reflective Customers sometimes worry that their solar panels will reflect excess light and therefore irritate their neighbors. However, solar panels have been proven to reflect a minimal amount of sunlight, so neighbors of residences with solar panels will not be… Read More


EV Chargers. Straight to your house. From Aikyum.

EV Chargers. Straight to your house. From Aikyum Solar. Aikyum Solar is branching out into installing EV chargers for your Telsa, Prius, or almost any car. If you thought we were going to stop at solar panels and LED lights, you were mistaken.… Read More


5 Mistakes to Avoid

5 Solar Mistakes to Avoid Common mistakes sometimes bother or confuse customers when they’re first using solar panels. To help people who are planning on installing solar as well as to help people who already have solar and want to understand their solar… Read More


How to Reduce Commercial Demand Charges Using BillsRGone

How to Reduce Commercial Demand Charges One of the most noticeable parts of an office’s atmosphere is its temperature. When the temperature is too high, workers struggle to focus, leading to lack of productivity and wasting the company’s money. An ideal office will… Read More


How to Obtain the 30% ITC for Residential Solar Installations

How to Obtain the 30% ITC for Residential Solar Installations Since we’re in the midst of tax season, you’re probably wondering how to do your taxes the best you can. If you’ve installed solar panels on your home this year (2016), one of… Read More


Beverly Hills Solar

Choosing Aikyum Solar in Beverly Hills The Beverly Hills city government recently put into action the Solar Energy Project. In the project, the city installed over 1,500 solar panels on top of its Civic Center in order to power its beautiful library. To… Read More


Solar Panels for an Indian Grocery Store

The technology of the future, right here in Southern California. Aikyum Solar installed solar panels on the roof of Pioneer Cash and Carry, a supermarket known for its Indian groceries, about a year ago. The supermarket owners have appreciated all the savings they… Read More


LED for Residences

Optimal energy. Now offered by Aikyum. LED lighting conserves energy because it requires less power to brighten your home than the incandescent variety does (incandescent lights are also called traditional lights). As part of our effort to provide clean energy to Southern California… Read More

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