A Radiant Entrepreneur in Solar Energy

Aikyum Founder Harina with President Obama

Harina with President Obama in 2007. President Obama called for increased use of renewable energy, in part through a new solar power initiative.

Harina Kapoor is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder/CEO of Aikyum Energy. Founded in 2010, Aikyum Energy specializes in residential, commercial and industrial solar energy solutions including solar panels rooftop installations and LED lights. Aikyum added two businesses in 2017: Battery Storage Solutions and BillsRGone Peak Demand Energy Management.

Harina founded RainBee in 1997; it grew profitably and was sold in 2006. RainBee was a very successful designer/manufacturer and retailer of children’s designer bedding and furniture.

A natural-born connector, Harina sees the world as a bazaar of people ready to meet and mingle. As the President of TiE SoCal for 2015 and 2016, she fosters camaraderie and entrepreneurship with her colleagues.

Harina holds a Computer Engineering degree from University of Bombay, a Master’s in Computer Science from Boston University and a Master’s in Physics from University of California in Irvine. She worked as a Software Engineer and Project Manager for several companies including Motorola and SPSS.

Harina thinks her mega-watt smile and outgoing personality are due to her love of yoga. She has been a certified Yoga teacher since the age of 19 and taught yoga to hundreds of satisfied students.

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