How to Ensure Birds Don’t Nest on Your Solar Panels

Birds, pigeons in this case, scatter as they look for the right place to build a home. Sometimes, that place turns out to be to be among your solar panels on your roof as the pigeons find them hospitable. The problem of pigeons invading solar panels can be fixed, however, by using nets and scary bird-shaped figures.

The image below shows pigeons landed on of the edge of solar panels.

Aikyum Solar pigeons on roof

To avoid birds nesting on your solar panels, you can place a net over the roof, covering the panels so a nest can’t be built. You can see the net on the sides of the panel below; it keeps the birds from landing.

solar pigeons

Also, you can buy scary Owl Bird Repellent on Amazon. The fake owls will frighten pigeons so they stay away from your solar panels.

fake owl

The above image shows scary fake birds we installed. Placed on the brown pillar, they’re designed to frighten away pigeons.

Here are the fake owls close up.

owlAikyum Solar implemented the above solutions to one of our customer’s residences; the solutions turned out to be successful. We can use the same one on your residence to make sure pigeons stay away from your cheap solar panels as installed by Aikyum Solar.

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