LG Electronics Solar Panels vs. Panasonic Solar Panels



The large size of the LG Electronics logo compared to the small Panasonic logo shows LG Electronics’ supremacy in the solar panel industry.

Different brands of solar panels have different characteristics, and the two most popular solar panel brands are LG Electronics and Panasonic. Solar panels from LG Electronics features a lower degradation rate than solar panels from Panasonic (degradation means the decline in output over time experienced by solar panels). Because of this as well as other factors, LG Electronics is superior to Panasonic.

LG Electronics is taking over the solar power market. It employs about 82,000 people. Although Panasonic employs more workers overall as it is a larger company than LG Electronics and produces more products, LG Electronics has more workers devoted to solar, giving them a larger market share.

LG Electronics solar panels are more reliable than Panasonic’s as LG Electronics panels suffer less degradation. After 25 years, 87% of an LG Electronics solar system will still be working at its prime functioning, but only 85% of a Panasonic system will be function at its best. A reason for this is LG Electronics solar panels’ sturdy frame design, which makes them durable. Panels from Panasonic, on the other hand, are more easily weathered by rain and snow.

LG Electronics solar panels

LG Electronics solar panels

LG Electronics provides a better warranty than Panasonic. The workmanship/product warranty of LG Electronics solar panels is always 25 years, but Panasonic’s warranty is only 25 years if the project is registered within 60 days of the installation. Otherwise, the warranty will be 15 years. Also, LG Electronics’ warranty pays for the transportation cost of replacement solar panels as well as $350 in labor costs on the first truck roll and $100 on the second truck roll. Although Panasonic covers the cost of labor like LG Electronics does, they will not pay for the transportation of replacements. LG Electronics’ longer warranty and guarantee of payment for transportation materials makes them a better choice because owners of solar panels will need to worry less about their panels breaking down if they use LG Electronics.

Solar panels from LG Electronics also use a more attractive aesthetic Panasonic solar panels do. A Panasonic solar panel features conventional bus-bar technology and silver ribbons that are much more visible than LG Electronics’ Cello Technology’s panel design.

In addition, the pricing of LG Electronics solar panels are very competitive and cheap as compared to Panasonic solar panels.

The durability of LG Electronics solar panels explains why LG Electronics is a larger part of the solar panel market. Aikyum Solar will install LG Electronics solar panels for you; send an email to info@aikyum.com to learn more.

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