Your Roof Will Not Leak or Be Damaged Due to Solar Panels

Our customers sometimes worry that their roof will be damaged from the solar panels we install; the customers  wonder if the installers have made a mistake. However, due to our stellar installation practices, our quality of workmanship, our guaranteed warranties and our history of customers satisfaction, Aikyum Solar can promise the roof of your residence will not leak in no way be damaged by solar panels.

The established procedure of roof building is to use roofing felt underlayment, a black layer applied over the roof deck and under the shingles. Because it’s waterproof, it adds protection. Roofing underlayment is informally called roof paper. The installers then generally place comp shingles or tiles on top of the roofing underlayment.

There are several methods we use to prevent leaks, each involving different products from two different websites. Aikyum Solar installs panels on all types of roofs–comp shingles, metal tiles, flat tiles, S-tiles and flat roofs. The methods Aikyum Solar uses to make roofs waterproof vary based on the roof type, but each of them prevent leaks.

Four Roof Types for Slanted Roofs

Comp Shingles

One type of roofing, called comp shingles, are one of the most traditional are installed using flashings and M1 Sealants. Flashings are thin strips of material that won’t let water through. Both of those installation techniques, flashings and M1 Sealants, will keep your home safe. They come with 25 year warranties, so you can be sure you will receive your money’s worth. There are two types of comp shingle roofs: Standoff Roof Mount Systems and Flashed L-Feet Roof Mount Systems.

solar panels roof

Comp Shingle Flashing

Flat Tiles

Another roof type we can install at Aikyum Solar are flat tiles, which offer a crisp appearance. We have professional roofers on our team who are present during the installation process, making sure proper sealants are used, broken tiles are replaced.

Roof tiles are overlaid, such that rain water drains over them. This means your flat tiles will make your roof impervious to rain. Three types of flat tiles are offered: a Roof Bar Mount System, a Roof Hook Mount System, and a Tile Strut Mounting System.

Roof tiles                     Roof Bar Mount System         Roof Hook Mount System      Tile Strut Mounting System

Flat Tile FlashingFlat Tile Flashing


S-Tiles are another option to go underneath your solar panels from Aikyum Solar. Those use mounting systems and come in two varieties: a Roof Hook Mounting System and a Tile Strut Mounting System.

New tiles

Standoff Roof Mount System         Flashed L-Feet Mounting System

S-tile FlashingS-Tile Flashing

Metal Tiles

More shingles

Roof Hook Mounting System (S-Tiles)      Tile Strut Mounting System (SWH Tile Strut)

Metal tile hooks
Metal Tile Hooks

Our metal tiles add an additional choice for your roof’s remodeling. These also use roof hooks.

Flat Roofs

Aikyum Solar uses different methods for flat roofs than for slanted roofs. Most flat roofs are commercial, but some are residential.

For large flat commercial roofs, we use with a ballast type system such a EAR, or a Torch Down such as Lucky Sokhi.


Flat roof with torch down water proofing

Torch Down Roof

When it comes to residential flat roofs, Aikyum Solar tends to favor penetrations, meaning there will be holes in the roof like there are for air conditioning systems. However, those penetrations aren’t harmful, as they are created by a skilled technician. The penetrations use Chemlink E-curbs.


Chemlink E-curb

Flat Roof Chem curbFlat Roof Chem Curb

Although that type of roofing is expensive, they are also reliable, so they’ll last for many years. In addition, they come with a 25-year $1 million warranty. This ensures that if they malfunction, you can receive immediate compensation.

Remember that Aikyum customers have always been satisfied as their roofs did not leak. We invite you to visit our Yelp page, on which we have a 5 star rating, to see the happiness our solar panels bring our customers. Due to the surefire methods Aikyum Solar uses, you can be assured that even though we installed your roof with solar panels, it will not leak.

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