What is the Best Battery for Solar Panels?

lithion ion battiers best for solar

Lithium Ion LG Chem Batteries

You may wonder, as a current or potential solar customer, what kind of battery you should use. There are three types of chemical compositions typically used: lead acid, saltwater, and lithium iron. They’re judged based on cost, lifespan, and depth of discharge (DoD). Based on those characteristics, lithium ion batteries, the type Aikyum uses, are the best kind for solar panels because of their long lifespan and low DoD.

Lead Acid

Lead acid batteries are tested and have been used for a long time. Although they cost less, they come with drawbacks; they have a shorter life and lower DoD than lithium ion and saltwater batteries. Lead is dangerous because it can leak. However, with lithium ion batteries, you won’t have to worry about lead leaks. Lead is dangerous because if it leaks it can hurt your eyes and skin.


The second type, saltwater, is new and doesn’t contain heavy metals. Instead, it uses saltwater electrolytes. Because it doesn’t contain those metals, it can be recycled; other lead acid and lithium ion batteries need to be disposed of carefully. Because they’re new, they’re mostly untested, and aren’t as widely available.

Lithium Ion

Lithium ion batteries, the most-highly recommended one, is also the most widely used. They weigh less than lead acid batteries, and have a higher DoD and longer lifespan. They are the ideal type of batteries; unlike lead batteries, they will not leak and therefore are safe.

What type does Aikyum Solar use?

From the above types there are different brands; at Aikyum Solar, we use LG Chem, which is a brand of lithium ion batteries.

The LG Chem Battery Backup is used along with a StorEdge Inverter. This type of battery is a lithium ion battery. It’s used for grid power outages and to offset demand, allowing solar panel owners to save money based on Time-of-Use (TOU).

Batteries let you store power during the Off Peak hours and use it during the expensive On Peak hours.

For more information on solar panels, call (949) 705-6797. Aikyum Solar will help you install solar panels as well as install your battery at your residence to help you save money.


Testimonials from a few of our customers:

“The team at Aikyum is highly professional. They completed the jobs (installing solar panels at 3 different locations) in a timely fashion with the greatest satisfaction.”Orange County Solar Panel Installation | Aikyum Solar
– Vraj L.

“I have been very happy with the whole experience and Aikyum will get my unbridled recommendation in the future.”
– Arun Jain

“I reached out looking for someone to repair my system after a roof install and was incredibly impressed by how attentive Harina and her service tech Joey were in not only getting my system back in order but going above and beyond by contacting the manufacturer after the two inverters failed to operate.  I would absolutely use them again in a heart beat, for any future solar needs.  Thanks again Aikyum Solar.”
– Celso G.

“Harina patiently met with us several times to help me understand the details of solar and to suggest approaches that no other bidder had proposed.  Her installation team was punctual, courteous and efficient.”
– Carol R.

“Working with Aikyum was extremely easy and streamlined. Harina and her team took care of everything from permitting, to HOA approvals, to final notices to the city and HOA.”
– Apur L.

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