How to Reduce Commercial Demand Charges

BillRGone One of the most noticeable parts of an office’s atmosphere is its temperature. When the temperature is too high, workers struggle to focus, leading to lack of productivity and wasting the company’s money. An ideal office will be at a comfortable temperature for the employees to work.

However, when trying to make the office comfortable, a problem arises. Air conditioning costs more than most people think it should. The cost results from most electric companies’ method of charging customers. You’d think you’d be charged for however much electricity the building is using at each particular time. Southern California Edison and other electric companies use a different formula, though. Instead of the only charging for total energy consumption, they also use a demand charge based on the highest energy demand at a 15 minute interval. This means that if the charge is 10 every time in a month except for one time when the charge is 40, the charge will be 40 for that month.

Peak demand charges pose a high cost to electric companies, because they must build additional power plants to accommodate them. The need for additional power plants explains why demand charges cost consumers so much.

The Solution

Aikyum observed the issues with demand charges, so we created a new product as a solution. Because the product reduces bills to such low amounts as to make them hardly visible, we’ve named it BillsRGone! BillsRGone is a software, and you can use it to lower the costs of a long list of devices. The list includes, but is not limited to, commercial air conditioning systems, electric heating, motors, pumps, commercial refrigeration and battery charging stations for electric vehicles. Because air conditioning is one of the most expensive and noticeable parts of an office building, as discussed above, Aikyum cites the lowering of air conditioning costs as one of BillsRGone’s biggest benefits.

How BillsRGone Works

BillsRGone monitors the temperature in your office thermostats connected by Wifi. It also coordinates your air conditioners such that not all air conditioners are ON at the same time. At the same time, it keeps the temperature in the work environment comfortable. We’ve made an example of an office’s air conditioning system before and after BillsRGone. If an office contains five air conditioners and each one takes 8 kW of demand, then all five running at the same time will equal a peak demand of 40 kW. With BillsRGone software, the office’s peak demand will be greatly reduced, resulting in reduced electric peak demand charges on their utility bill.

Aikyum only gets paid when you save money. We earn thirty three cents on the dollar you save. That way, we can guarantee you we feel motivated to make sure BillsRGone lowers your bills as much as it can. Also, if you decide you dislike BillsRGone, we’ll remove it at no additional cost.

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