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Lower Your Business’s Electric Bills.

Energy-efficient bulbs. Friendly employees. And an electric bill that’s drastically lower. Full of benefits, LED lights from Aikyum make the perfect investment for a sustainable business.

A key way for businesses to save money is to install solar panels. Aikyum has helped a variety of businesses to do so, including an Indian grocery store in Artesia, California called the Pioneer Cash and Carry. Due to our observations of the latest energy saving technology, Aikyum Energy recently started offering another product in addition to solar panels: LED lights. Adding LED lights to a building already outfitted with solar panels, or even simply adding LED lights on their own, will bring your business long-term savings.

Solar panels, scientifically called photovoltaic cells, appear on everything from homes and businesses to spacecraft and handheld calculators. Semiconductor materials like those in computer chips compose the cells. They generate electricity because sunlight hitting knocks electrons loose. The electrons then flow around the cell.

LED lights use less energy than traditional lights, so using them means it will take less energy to power your business. Also, because LED lights are so efficient, they need to be replaced less often. The typical incandescent light lasts about 750-2,000 hours, but LED light bulbs last 40,000-50,000 hours. Replacing LED lights with new ones infrequently will save your business money on maintenance.

Solar and LEDs make a sustainable combination, because instead of using up the solar energy on inefficient lights, you can use smaller amounts of energy and still get the same brightness. The longer you use LED lights, the more money your business will save.

One instance of a business switching to LED is an office building in Artesia, a city in Los Angeles County. The office replaced over 250 light fixtures with LEDs. Due to the change, the electric bills for the office got cut in half. The payback period was about 18 months.

Another business that reaped the benefits of LED lights is the ISSO Temple in Norwalk, also a city in Los Angeles County. The Temple converted 157 of their T8 tubes into LED version, as well as changing 100 bulbs to LED bulbs and replacing their parking lot lights, making the challenge of lighting their 14,000 square feet space cheaper. Their project payback lasted only six months.

Here’s an example of the kWh saved per year by installing LED lights. Let’s say you switch from a 40W traditional bulb to a 10W LED bulb, and the bulb runs for 4 hours per day. 40W-10W=30W, so you’ll save 30W in an hour, and 30W x 4 hours = 120W, so you’ll save 120W watts in a day. In a year, you’ll save 365 times that. Let’s see how much that is. 120W x 365 days = 43,800 Wh, or = 44 kWh per year. Also, if you buy about 200 of that same bulb in your business, it will amount to 8,800 kWh energy savings each year. As you can see, the energy savings add up.

Some types of commercial LED lights you might want to check out for your business are T8s and T12s.

Aikyum installed LED lights at a temple just a few days ago. Here are before and after pictures from one of the temple’s rooms, where we replaced fluorescent lights with LED A19s.


Commercial LED DOME A19 and T8 Before


Commercial LED DOME A19 and T8 After

And here are before and after pictures from another of the rooms, where we replaced the fluorescent T8s with LED T8s.


Commercial LED Before 1


Commercial LED After 2

As you can tell, the LED lights in the After pictures are brighter. They create a more energetic atmosphere in the rooms.

Because lights are a critical but costly part of commercial buildings, Aikyum hopes you switch to LED lights so you can receive savings.

To learn more about the improvement LEDs give to your business or non-profit, call 1-888-9898-SUN.

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Testimonials from a few of our customers:

“The team at Aikyum is highly professional. They completed the jobs (installing solar panels at 3 different locations) in a timely fashion with the greatest satisfaction.”Orange County Solar Panel Installation | Aikyum Solar
– Vraj L.

“I have been very happy with the whole experience and Aikyum will get my unbridled recommendation in the future.”
– Arun Jain

“I reached out looking for someone to repair my system after a roof install and was incredibly impressed by how attentive Harina and her service tech Joey were in not only getting my system back in order but going above and beyond by contacting the manufacturer after the two inverters failed to operate.  I would absolutely use them again in a heart beat, for any future solar needs.  Thanks again Aikyum Solar.”
– Celso G.

“Harina patiently met with us several times to help me understand the details of solar and to suggest approaches that no other bidder had proposed.  Her installation team was punctual, courteous and efficient.”
– Carol R.

“Working with Aikyum was extremely easy and streamlined. Harina and her team took care of everything from permitting, to HOA approvals, to final notices to the city and HOA.”
– Apur L.