Why Choose Solar Power in Diamond Bar?

Diamond Bar’s Rich History

The beautiful city of Diamond Bar lies within the boundaries of Los Angeles County and covers 14.89 square miles. Diamond Bar’s original owner, Jose de la Luz, received the land as a grant from the Mexican governor in 1840 and used it as a cattle ranch. As time went on, other ranchers acquired parts of Luz’s property, dividing it into many smaller ranches. The Transamerica Corporation acquired the land in 1950 with the goal of creating a community of neighborhoods. The Corporation’s goal seems to have been successful, as approximately 56,000 residents call the area home today.

Solar Will Give Your Home a Boost–And Berkeley Backs Us Up on This

Diamond Bar solar panels energyBecause of recent legislation, solar can raise the property value of your Diamond Bar residence as you avoid additional property taxes and utilize clean energy.

According to the California Revenue and Taxation Code, as long as a solar system is “thermally isolated from living space or any other area where the energy is used, to provide for the collection, storage, or distribution of solar energy” and was installed between January 1, 1999, ad December 31, 2016, it is excluded from property taxes! However, the tax exclusion does not include solar swimming pool heaters or hot tub heaters.

Officials updated the law in 2008 for the tax exclusion include solar systems added by builders who do not intend to use or occupy the building.

This means you can possibly add solar without any additional taxes. Especially relevant, at the same time you’ll give your home a higher value if you sell it–at least according to a study conducted at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley’s National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab). The researchercartoon panel 1s found the prices buyers paid for homes rose about $3.90 to $6.40 per each watt in the solar system, meaning that a solar system of a typical size of 3,100 watts added about $17,000.

“Of course homeowners also benefit from energy bill savings,” added the lead author of the study, Ben Hoen, a researcher at Berkeley Lab. A UC Berkeley alumni founded the lab, and the University of California currently manages it. It’s located in the leafy foothills above the university.

Those folks at Berkeley have a reputation for being pretty smart. If they agree with us, you should too. Without a doubt, the benefits provided by solar panels are too exciting a deal to ignore.

The City of Sun

Diamond Bar enjoys more sunny days on average than other cities in California. The city warms itself with 280 sunny days out of 365 total days in a year, versus the state average of 205 sunny days. As well as taking advantage of the sun by relaxing in the pool or at the beach, why not use those sunny rays to make energy for your home?

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