Why Choose Solar Power in Irvine?

Irvine covers 66.45 miles; it falls 40 miles from the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles and just seven miles from the magnificent Pacific Ocean. It is an ideal location install solar panels.

Irvine is Aikyum’s Home Base

Aikyum Solar makes its headquarters in Irvine. Irvine residents have probably driven by our office building, which is just a short drive away from the boba-hotspot Lollicup. You might also have seen our trucks driving around—they’re white with the Aikyum logo emblazoned on the side.

Aikyum's Solar's headquarters in Irvine, California. The company allows Southern California residents to install solar panels.

Aikyum Solar’s headquarters

On top of that, our founder, Harina Kapoor, lives in Irvine and sent her children to Irvine schools. Therefore, when Aikyum installs solar panels in Irvine homes, we are working with our neighbors. Neighbors help each other, whether through lending an egg for cookies or sharing fruit from the trees in their backyard. Aikyum would love to help fellow members of the Irvine community turn to clean, efficient energy.

Northwood High School, the school which Harina’s two daughters attended, installed solar panels over their parking lot, where they catch the sunlight of the California days. Northwood is a central feature of Irvine, educating young people who represent the future. Thus, by installing solar panels, you can follow Northwood’s example.

The City of Irvine Supports Solar

The City of Irvine wants you to install solar panels also—they even removed the fees to receive permits and get plans checked to install solar. By contrast, applicants for a driving learners permit must pay $33 before they can take the test. Irvine makes applying for solar power a bargain!

That bargain came about because the citizens of Irvine voted to pass Measure S. In this measure, Irvine built on its history of environmental sustainability. Our city has long dedicated itself to preserving open spaces, maintaining open spaces for residents to enjoy. We like to conserve water and maintain biodiversity. Measure S stated that the city would encourage buildings and technologies that involve renewable energy, such as solar power.

Aikyum Solar provides Irvine Solar Panels 

Installing solar panels allows you to support Irvine’s mission, and your neighbors at Aikyum will happily help you do so.

We believe that buying the system of solar panels is a better option than leasing it, because buying it allows homeowners to take advantage of the 30% Income Tax Credit. If you are unable to purchase the system up-front, though, Aikyum does offer the choice to finance your solar system and pay in monthly increments.

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Testimonials from a few of our customers:

“The team at Aikyum is highly professional. They completed the jobs (installing solar panels at 3 different locations) in a timely fashion with the greatest satisfaction.”Orange County Solar Panel Installation | Aikyum Solar
– Vraj L.

“I have been very happy with the whole experience and Aikyum will get my unbridled recommendation in the future.”
– Arun Jain

“I reached out looking for someone to repair my system after a roof install and was incredibly impressed by how attentive Harina and her service tech Joey were in not only getting my system back in order but going above and beyond by contacting the manufacturer after the two inverters failed to operate. I would absolutely use them again in a heart beat, for any future solar needs. Thanks again Aikyum Solar.”
– Celso G.

“Working with Aikyum was extremely easy and streamlined. Harina and her team took care of everything from permitting, to HOA approvals, to final notices to the city and HOA.”
– Apur L.

“Harina patiently met with us several times to help me understand the details of solar, and suggest approaches that no other bidder had proposed.  Her installation team was punctual, courteous and efficient.”
– Carol R.