Going Solar in Yorba Linda

The sunshine, salty air, and strong community ties make Yorba Linda, California a quaint, yet extremely interesting place to live and work. In 2005, Yorba Linda was ranked as one of the best places to live by CNN. With a population of just over 68,000, Yorba Linda is well-known as a community of neighborhoods.

The community is dedicated to equestrian activities, which is one of the factors that has helped to set it apart from all the other communities in Orange County. This is also the birthplace of the 37th president of the United States, Richard Nixon, and the Richard Nixon Library is one of the most popular attractions within the city limits.

Solar Energy System with Aikyum Solar | Yorba Linda Solar Solutions However, while this quaint city is dedicated to spending time outdoors, finding ways to save the environment – and money – is a goal that many residents have. As a result, there are a number of residents who have decided to turn to solar power for their homes and businesses. Why? It is clean, it is sustainable, and it is – essentially – free. While the panels represent an investment, once they are paid for, you have a free source of energy that will produce for you every single day of the year. The ability to save money while helping the environment is a very appealing concept to many residents and business owners in Yorba Linda.

Aikyum Solar provides Yorba Linda Solar Panels

Aikyum Solar will help you design, finance, apply for, install, maintain and monitor your complete solar system in the city of Yorba Linda. The Best Part: Aikyum Solar is offering $0 down and extremely low rate financing for all new solar systems. Aikyum Solar has been servicing residential and commercial clients in Irvine for many years, and is the most trusted name in solar.

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Testimonials from a few of our customers:

“The team at Aikyum is highly professional. They completed the jobs (installing solar panels at 3 different locations) in a timely fashion with the greatest satisfaction.”Orange County Solar Panel Installation | Aikyum Solar
– Vraj L.

“I have been very happy with the whole experience and Aikyum will get my unbridled recommendation in the future.”
– Arun Jain

“I reached out looking for someone to repair my system after a roof install and was incredibly impressed by how attentive Harina and her service tech Joey were in not only getting my system back in order but going above and beyond by contacting the manufacturer after the two inverters failed to operate.  I would absolutely use them again in a heart beat, for any future solar needs.  Thanks again Aikyum Solar.”
– Celso G.

“Harina patiently met with us several times to help me understand the details of solar and to suggest approaches that no other bidder had proposed.  Her installation team was punctual, courteous and efficient.”
– Carol R.

“Working with Aikyum was extremely easy and streamlined. Harina and her team took care of everything from permitting, to HOA approvals, to final notices to the city and HOA.”
– Apur L.