Aikyum Solar specializes in commercial and residential solar system solutions. Operating since 2010, we have installed innovative solar panel systems at homes, churches, commercial buildings and gas stations over Orange County and Southern California. We manage the entire installation process from design, financing solar, pulling permits, working with the Home Owners’ Associations, to installation, city inspections and maintenance services.


Batteries can store electricity to power homes and businesses during power outages. This is a cost efficient way of reducing expensive electricity bills, especially combined with the use of solar panels. Aikyum Solar specializes in optimal battery installation and is committed to keeping homes and businesses always illuminated. With affordable lithium ion batteries, maximum efficiency can be achieved when storing and using free solar energy.


BillsRGone is a peak demand energy management solution, using smart thermostats and custom software to reduce your peak electricity demand while maintaining a comfortable environment. Spikes in electricity usage can inflict high demand charges on your electric bill even if your total energy usage is low. Aikyum Energy can analyze your electric bill and install new smart thermostats, which allow our BillsRGone software to manage your peak demand.

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